• Say hello to your new wellness tracker.

    Meet Vivoo, science-based at-home urine test strips that provide deep health insights and personalized nutritional advice in seconds straight to your phone.

  • Take charge of your health and wellbeing

    Listen to your body to understand what’s happening within, the impact your lifestyle is having, and most importantly – what you can do to live a longer, fuller, and healthier life.

  • Access personalized nutrition insights

    Our technology analyzes and tracks specific urinary biomarkers – gaining deep insights into what’s happening within your body.

  • Accurate. Reliable. Science-based.

    Vivoo has gone through multiple rigorous checks - where multiple readers have confirmed our technology’s accuracy and effectiveness.

  • Fast. Seamless. Affordable.

    Unwrap, pee, and scan. Put your health first in 3 steps (and it all just takes 2 minutes!) All you need is your phone – and Wi-Fi.

  • Put your health first. No matter your schedule.

    We turn your phone's camera into a wellbeing tracker. Access health insights unique to your body anytime, anywhere.

Take the guesswork out of better health

Vivoo helps you keep track of key health parameters – delivering critical insights into the exact lifestyle adjustments you could make to live your best life.

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    Download the Vivoo App

    The FREE Vivoo App doesn’t require a premium membership in order to access all of the features. And you don’t have to log what you eat!

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    Urinate on the strip and scan it via the Vivoo App

    Once you received your Vivoo pack, take one of the strips and urinate on the colored boxes. After 120 seconds, scan your strip via the Vivoo App.

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    Receive personalized nutrition advice

    Vivoo translates your urine information into personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice that can easily fit in your daily life. All of the Vivoo advice has been prepared by registered dieticians, nutritionists, and doctors.

One test to rule them all

Vivoo tracks 7 key wellness parameters based on your urine – then translates them into actionable nutrition and lifestyle advice specific to your body. Always know exactly what to do and when for optimal health and wellness.

Fair, simple pricing that works for everyone

Good health should be made accessible to all. Only commit for as long as you want. You also have the flexibility of upgrading, downgrading, or canceling anytime. It’s truly up to you.

3 Months Subscription
 $19.99 / month
$59.99 every 3 months
One time purchase
$34.99 / month
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Cancel Anytime
30-day Money Back Guarantee
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7/24 Customer Service

What our community is saying...

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what they have to say… We appreciate the feedback on our users’ experiences.


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I love Vivoo for helping me to know my body and to have a great performance in the GYM. This helps me a lot to have good health.

Martins Arasomwan

Professional Volleyball Player

Vivoo allows me to see what my body is doing on the inside, as a runner covering 30 miles+ a week, it’s important to stay hydrated for performance.

Marcus Sladden

Triathlon Coach

I love the Vivoo App! Vivoo is the perfect assistant to know exactly where I am and the shifts I need to make to feel my healthiest best self!

Lisa King


Doing a vivoo test one time per week helps me stay on track with my water intake and my healthy eating.  

Jenna Elizabeth

Certified Personal Trainer

With Vivoo I can check my wealth level and try and improve any parameters that I need to with the suggestions of the app. I recommend it to each one of you.

Christos Tserentzoulias

Cyclist Champion

Getting results conveniently, personalized and fast from the Vivoo app is a game changer! I love the customizable wellness suggestions.

Jocelyn Sidwell Holman

Expert Health Coach

I am obsessed with the Vivoo strips! I love getting instant feedback from my body so I can take better care of my health in a tailored way each week!

Anna Gala

Coach and Author

I was able to see the general health of my kidneys, liver, and ketone levels. All of which are super important in performance and recovery for athletes.

Mike Korican


Have questions?

Here are a few common questions asked by our community. If you don’t see your question here, visit the FAQs for anything else.

Vivoo is a wellness assistant that consists of urinalysis test strips and a mobile application which gives personalized nutrition advice based on your urine sample.

Vivoo uses your body’s data to encourage you to make healthier choices by translating your results into customized wellness advice and weekly ratings of different parameters. 

Vivoo’s wellness tips tell you which food is needed by your body. Vivoo offers a new perspective to sustain a healthy lifestyle by helping you understand your body’s needs. It is easy to use and adaptable to your daily life.

Just 4 easy steps!

1. Order your Vivoo package, which includes 4 single-use urine strips, and download the free Vivoo App.

2. Urinate on the Vivoo strip and wait 120 seconds.

3. Take a picture of the strip via the Vivoo App.

4. Get your personalized nutrition advice in just seconds.

It’s that simple!

Urine is a useful tool for understanding a lot about the human body. With Vivoo you can track body parameters like water consumption, urinary pH, ketones, urinary tract infections, liver, and kidney functions. These parameters tell you if you are hydrated enough, and also whether eating well, having balanced chemistry, or possibly having any an infection, and much more!

Vivoo App is designed for your body’s needs. The information that you shared with us during the app registration and your urine test results are evaluated to give you personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice which has been prepared by our dietitians & nutritionist.

As you continue to use the Vivoo App, the customization will also increase. The more you use Vivoo, the more your recommendations will be more personalized to you.

To track and witness the improvement of your wellbeing, we recommend you to use Vivoo once a week. If you want, you can use it more often to track your specific parameters such as hydration and ketone.

As you continue to use the Vivoo App, the customization will also increase. The more you use Vivoo, the more your recommendations will be more personalized to you.

Since we don’t diagnose diseases or conditions, you can use Vivoo at any time of the day which is suitable for you.

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