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3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong

Since December, we have been worried about the coronavirus, which has shown its effect all over the world. While we are living with this concern, we should take precautions to protect our health. Antibiotics are not curative for viral infections. Antiviral drugs help prevent the multiplication of the viruses in the body and reduce the […]

Coronavirus: What You Need to Know About COVID-19

It is very difficult for the media to provide up-to-date information on the rapidly changing COVID-19 outbreak. What started as atypical pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, in December 2019 was soon revealed to be caused by a new virus, COVID-19. COVID-19 between human cells, viewed by a scanning electron microscope. The Corona of Covid-19  […]

Vivoo Kidney BOX

Vivoo’s Kidney Box is one of the main parameters. It helps to keep track of the kidneys and shows the state of kidney function based on proteins in the urine.   Why Kidneys Are So Important Our kidneys play essential roles to make our body function properly, including: Removing wastes from the body  Filtering the […]

What Are Eating Disorders?

 Eating disorders are seen at first glance as a condition that involves food and excessive occupation with weight, but they are, in fact, quite complicated disorders that consist of long-term psychological, physiological and social conditions. Individuals with eating disorders often use foods or their control over foods to deal with their emotions. The […]

3 Basic Steps to Start Your Own Sexual Wellness Journey

So you have started your wellness journey, and all of your efforts towards understanding, balancing and growing a healthy lifestyle are starting to pay off. Everyone’s journey is different and should progress according to their needs in both physical and emotional wellness. But did you know that your sexual wellness is important, too? Let’s take […]