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What Causes Protein in Urine? 

Urine tests can tell many things about your overall health, from the presence of inflammation to dehydration. Healthy kidneys filter wastes and excess fluids from your blood and into the urine so they can leave the body. Important materials such as proteins and nutrients are returned to the bloodstream. If the kidneys are not functioning […]

Need to Calm Yourself? Here Are 7 Ways

Worries, difficulties, overdosed work-load, issues of the pandemic  or problems with loved ones… These all may make us stressed or worried, or even furious from time to time and it may be difficult to calm yourself. Here are 7 ways to calm yourself in these situations. 1)   Breathing Breathing is definitely the most effective […]

Nutrition During COVID-19

Summary Nutrition during COVID-19 has become more important day by day while the COVID-19 pandemic has infected more than 69 million people and taken nearly 1,5 million people’s lives worldwide. A recent review takes a look at vitamins and specific minerals’ role on the immune system. While precautions focus primarily on social distancing, therapeutics, and […]

Everything You Need to Know About Urine pH

You’ve likely heard of pH at some point in your life, whether that be when checking pool chemicals, in science class, or, in regards to this post, in medical scenarios having to do with urine. pH is the measure of how acidic or basic something is. The range goes from 0-14, with 7 being neutral. […]

The Best Foods to Eat Before and After A Workout

Good nutrition can help an athlete perform better and recover faster after each workout. Physical activity uses more energy than normal and this helps to control weight or lose weight. Eating well for physical activity and exercise can have many benefits like; allowing you to perform well during exercise reducing the risk of injury and […]