Overhydration: Is Drinking Too Much Water Dangerous?

What is Overhydration? Did you know that at least 60% of a human adult body is water? Your heart and your brain are composed of 73% water. To keep your body working optimally, you should take in a lot of liquids. Your body needs water to prevent constipation, flush waste products from your body, regulate […]


Drinking Water Prevents UTIs

Water is life!  When it comes to preventing most diseases from coming your way, it’s critical to drink the recommended amount of water. Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are widespread and cause painful urination in both women and men.  It is estimated that at least 40% of women will be infected with a UTI at some […]


 Here are 5 Energy-boosting Smoothies for You

In terms of living a healthy lifestyle, nothing beats keeping a natural diet. Smoothies are special drinks you can use to give your body what it needs.  You can make yourself great, energy-boosting smoothies using the same fruits and veggies that you usually consume and adding in whatever else suits your taste.   In this piece, […]


Vivoo Wellness Talks: Interview with Beloved Vivooer Lindsay

We’ve been in touch with one of our Vivooers, Lindsay, for some time now. That’s why we thought we’d meet up with her to learn more about her journey and get her tips on a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Related: Vivoo Wellness Talks: Interview with Pilates Instructor Hande Demirel 1. Tell us about yourself and what you […]