liver box

Vivoo Liver BOX

The Vivoo Liver Box is used to track liver health and monitor the state of liver function. This is done by measuring the level of bilirubin in the urine and from the results, establishing what the state of the liver is and what should be done, if anything, to improve liver health. The Importance of […]


Ikigai: The Japanese Art of Happiness

Ikigai is a very popular concept in Japan.  Almost every Japanese person is said to have an Ikigai or to be seeking it. The art of Ikigai is a passion or desire that provides a kind of long and happy life. This passion can be a profession or hobby or some other interest. Each of […]

fitness routine

5 Tips for Starting a Fitness Routine

Are you looking forward to starting a fitness routine this year? Well, that is one of the best resolutions you can have. You are five steps away from achieving your fitness goal. This article shows you how you can live your dream of becoming fit and healthy. Related: Yoga for Beginners: 6 Yoga Practices for […]

healthy eating plate

Guide to Building a Balanced Plate Overview – Healthy Eating Plate

A balanced plate or a balanced diet includes foods from five groups that could fulfill all your nutritional needs. Eating a diet that contains all the healthy foods could help you maintain good health whilst reducing the risk of disease. With scientific advances, dietary guidelines evolve so, it can be quite challenging to stay at […]