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quality sleep

Vivoo Sleep Box

Vivoo’s sleep parameter determines your sleep quality based on the time you go to sleep hour, the time you spend in bed, the number of

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heart rate parameter

Vivoo Heart Rate Box

Vivoo’s heart rate parameter helps you discover patterns in your heart rate and how it is influenced by different emotions and environments. It also advises

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activity parameter

Vivoo Activity Box

Vivoo’s activity parameter determines your activity levels based on your number of steps and burned calories. Being physically active is essential for reaching your optimal

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7 Healthy Ice-Cold Summer Drinks

With the warming weather, you’re more likely to increase your consumption of fluids. While this is great, it’s important to be careful about consuming drinks

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Skipping meals

Is Skipping Meals Bad?

Eating provides you with nutrients that support the growth, function, and maintenance of the body. It is for this reason that eating patterns can improve

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heart rate during sleep

Low Heart Rate During Sleep

It’s essential to measure your heart rate durıng sleep to know your wellness status. In most cases, your heart rate when sleepıng will be lower

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