Nutrition in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important time for a woman. The feeling of a new beating heart inside her body and experiencing the change of her body day by day is definitely amazing. Every pregnancy experience is like a fingerprint, even for the same woman, from one pregnancy to the next. The symptoms range from being […]

A Guide to Intuitive Eating

There’s a new dimension to our relationship with food: Intuitive Eating. Most of the time, we quickly eat things on the go without even thinking when watching TV, talking on the phone, or driving. Since we have severed our ties with ourselves because of the rush that comes with modern life, we cannot even notice […]

What to Do After Cheating on Your Diet

This has happened to all of us… you have been dieting for a while and going to the gym 2-3 times a week, and one night, you ate chocolate, or you drank alcohol at a party, or you ate a hamburger on the weekend, and cheated on your diet. You felt guilty, and you don’t […]

To Eat or Not to Eat Before Cardio

People running

You may be surprised by the answers you get when you ask about doing cardio on an empty stomach… There are two types of people doing sports: Those who eat something before working out. Those who work out on an empty stomach. So, which one is right? Does cardio burn more fat on an empty […]