What Do Your Hydration Levels Really Say About Your Body? – Here’s How To Track Them With Vivoo

There are two essential elements necessary for the survival of all living things: oxygen and water. In this respect, water can be defined as a critical element that ensures biological life maintenance. In the body, water intake and excretion from the body are carried out in a certain balance. The body’s average fluid volume is […]


Sometimes Self-Care Is Selfish — and That’s OK

We may hear the concept of “self-care” in our yoga, aromatherapy, or meditation class. Maybe you mostly feel selfish when you care for yourself. Actually, self-care involves any kind of activity that we do to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, or emotionally. What it means is that self-care is a way to have a […]

New Regularity in Diet: Functional Foods

   “Superfood” and “miracle food” are terms that can often be heard in diets. Unfortunately, there is no such food that will quickly bring any diet process to the desired point. But there are foods that stand out with their health benefits. What are? Functional foods.    Functional foods according to the Academy of Nutrition […]

The 3 Keys to Staying Fit As Seasons Change

For most of us, it can be difficult to adapt to changes in seasons, especially in winter. But there is no stopping the cyclical changing of the seasons. Consciously adjusting to these changes, protecting our energy, and keeping our immunity strong can help us in our social lives. We can do this by being mindful […]