Need to Calm Yourself? Here Are 7 Ways

Worries, difficulties, overdosed work-load, issues of the pandemic  or problems with loved ones… These all may make us stressed or worried, or even furious from time to time and it may be difficult to calm yourself. Here are 7 ways to calm yourself in these situations. 1)   Breathing Breathing is definitely the most effective […]

What The Color of Your Urine Says about Your Health

Urine Color Chart: What The Color of Your Urine Says About Your Health

Summary Urine color changes according to your health, hydration and nutrition. It can range from pale yellow to gold when you are healthy and hydrated but can have a different color and texture when there is a problem or because of something you consumed. Urine is the excess material that needs to be removed from […]

Nutrition During COVID-19

Summary Nutrition during COVID-19 has become more important day by day while the COVID-19 pandemic has infected more than 69 million people and taken nearly 1,5 million people’s lives worldwide. A recent review takes a look at vitamins and specific minerals’ role on the immune system. While precautions focus primarily on social distancing, therapeutics, and […]

New year resolutions for a healthy year

8 New Year’s Resolution Ideas For You to Stay on Top of Your Health

2020 became an interesting year for everyone all around the world. We became distant from our loved ones, we turned our homes into offices and classrooms, our whole schedule was changed and we learned to do new things that we never had time for before. Most importantly we better understand the importance of both mental […]