6 Ways to Build Your Emotional Skills in Stressful Times

In today’s world, many factors may cause you to feel stressed. Traffic, long meetings at the workplace, financial problems, pandemic illnesses (like COVID-19), or losing a loved one are frequent factors nowadays for challenging situations. How do you respond to those stressful times? How do you make important decisions under pressure? What kind of activities […]

Prenatal Yoga: Poses for Each Trimester

Who said pregnancy doesn’t have its own beauty? Although pregnancy may seem at times like a long and arduous process, it is a journey that goes beyond its challenges, and therein lies its beauty. Just as a baby is born into the world, a woman emerges from pregnancy as a mother… Every day, hormones and […]


The Effect of Genetic Factors on Nutrition: Our Genes Are Not to Blame

Every single individual is genetically unique and has diverse needs. If we are all so different genetically, why do we think that our bodies require the same nutrition? We have to listen to our genes because they have different relationships with each food and those relationships are unique to us. As the field of research […]

Vivoo Kidney Box

What Causes Protein in Urine? 

Urine tests can tell many things about your overall health, from the presence of inflammation to dehydration. Healthy kidneys filter wastes and excess fluids from your blood and into the urine so they can leave the body. Important materials such as proteins and nutrients are returned to the bloodstream. If the kidneys are not functioning […]