The Most Popular Low-Calorie Summer Drink: Smoothie

Young woman getting having her green smoothie after training

Recently smoothies have become everyone’s favorite drink. They’re a good alternative beverage, especially for people who are dieting or detoxing, because they have less calories than other beverages and are refreshing in hot weather. Smoothies are favorites for vegans and vegetarians too. And anyone can enjoy smoothies for their joyful colors and refreshing taste. Smoothies: […]

The Way to Success in Fitness is to Track Tour Progress


Common mistakes made when starting an exercise routine are goals that are impossible to reach, and sufficient  time to reach these goals. First, you must set a healthy and reasonable goal, and determine the time to achieve this goal. In the beginning, we all have more than enough motivation, confidence and enthusiasm. After a week […]

The Ultimate Guide to How Much Water You Need

Drink Water

There are many different opinions about how much water we should be drinking every day. One of the most popular ones is to drink 8 glasses of a day (which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon). This advice is actually a myth. There’s really no standard amount of water that’s recommended for all […]

Yoga: Beyond Aesthetic Instagram Asana Posts


In the Western world thanks to social media, yoga is mostly recognized by asana (yoga posture). In many countries, yoga does not exceed the boundaries of the physical body practices. Are yoga’s essence, philosophy, and intention limited by the posture? What is yoga? Why do people do yoga, go to yoga lessons, or become yoga instructors? For […]