Nutrition During Menopause

Healty nutrition

Menopause is defined as the time when menstrual periods stop in a woman’s life. The ovaries no longer release eggs. Unfortunately, in our country, menopause is seen as taboo, and many women suppress this period in their lives, acting as if it is not happening or as if they have never or will never experience […]

Emotional Eating Is Not the Solution

Emotional Eating Tips

I keep eating even when I’m full. I always feel a need to eat. I always keep some snacks nearby. I never feel full. I feel like I am going to feel weak if I don’t eat. I only feel happy when I eat. The only thing I enjoy in my life is eating. What […]

4 Ketogenic Dessert Recipes

As we all know thanks to its recent trendiness, the ketogenic diet involves reducing carbohydrate intake and feeding on high fat and protein content. That’s why people on the ketogenic diet remove desserts and high-sugar foods from their lives during the diet. Brownies? Cheesecakes? Believe it or not, it’s possible to make these desserts sugar-free […]

4 Steps For a Healthier Diet

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Interest in healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyles is increasing every day. We wonder which is the healthiest diet and Google which foods we should eat or not. But there is a more important point than which foods we eat: How do we cook or prepare them? We always ignore the fact that healthy nutrition demands […]