How Do I Control Food Cravings?

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How Can I Be Resistant to Colds?


With the change of weather, especially in the beginning of the winter, our body resistance can be lower  than normal, and we may become more vulnerable to  illness. In these times when the body is exposed to external dangers, illnesses such as upper respiratory tract infections, colds, and flu can be widely seen. Illnesses, like […]

10 Family Christmas Gifts Under $30

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Christmas is the time for going home, no matter how far it is. Do you find yourself searching for perfect gifts for all ages? Going back home with thoughtful gifts for all family is on everyone’s mind. Here is 10 ideas for every budget. Syma Helicopter ($19.99) Nothing is cuter than a kid’s excitement while […]

Is It Better to Fuel Yourself Up Before Morning Run?

That’s your alarm ringing. Time to leave your warm bed. You have limited time for a morning run and shower before work. Is it really necessary to eat breakfast before you hit the trail? And what about eating post-run? What is today’s workout? The type of workout is the main factor in deciding if you […]