Meet Vivoo, at-home urine test strips for personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice with wearable integration and so much more.

Vivoo is now available in Ecuador!

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Easy to Use

Just urinate on the strip and scan to the Vivoo App to receive your results. It’s that simple.


Vivoo advice is prepared by registered dietitians and powered by machine learning.

Instant Results

Unwrap, urinate, and scan. It only takes 90 seconds to get your results anytime, anywhere.


Your test scores reveal what nutritional support your body needs using urine analysis. Vivoo is tailored to your body’s needs.

Urine testing from the comfort of your home!

A YOU Centered Wellness Platform

Time to listen to your body’s voice! Your ultimate guide to wellness in one app, at your fingertips.

Get Real-Time Body Data

WaterWater 1
MagnesiumMagnesium 2
CalciumCalcium 3
Vitamin CVitamin C 4
KetoneKetone 5
pHpH 6
SodiumSodium 7
Free RadicalFree Radical 8
ProteinProtein 9

through your urine just in 90 seconds.

Wearable Integration

Integrate your wearables to Vivoo to track your:

Heart RateHeart Rate

300+ Wellness Articles:

Access blogs and articles on trendy wellness topics.


5000+ Personalized Advice:

Get personalized nutritional & lifestyle advice prepared by dietitians, nutritionists and doctors.


Personalized Supplements:

You are one of a kind – so your supplements should be too! Order personalized supplements based on your Vivoo test results


How to use Vivoo?

1. Download the Vivoo App

The FREE Vivoo App doesn’t require a premium membership in order to access all of the features. And you don’t have to log what you eat!


2. Urinate on the strip and scan it via the Vivoo App

Once you receive your Vivoo test, take one of the strips and urinate on the colored boxes. After 90 seconds, scan your test via the Vivoo App.

3. Receive personalized nutrition advice

Vivoo translates your urine information into personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice that can easily fit in your daily life. All of the Vivoo advice has been prepared by registered dieticians, nutritionists, and doctors.

Hear It From The Experts!

I love using Vivoo urine tests because it helps me make better daily dietary choices. I also use them to improve my hydration, salt, mineral, and vitamin intake. All from the comfort of my home!

Dr. James DiNicolantonio

Cardiovascular Research Scientist & Doctor of Pharmacy

Vivoo is now available in Ecuador!

You can purchase our product at the following stores:

Name City Address
SYF storesQuitoEl Portal Shopping
SYF storesQuitoCentro Comercial El Recreo
SYF storesQuitoCondado Shopping
SYF storesQuitoRiocentro 6 de Diciembre
SYF storesGuayaquilRiocentro El Dorado
SYF storesGuayaquilVillage Plaza
SYF storesGuayaquilCity Mall
SYF storesGuayaquilMall Del Sur
SYF storesGuayaquilRiocentro Norte
SYF storesCity CuencaBatán Shopping
SYF storesSanto DomingoEl paseo Shopping Santo Domingo
SYF storesMachalaEl paseo Shopping Machala
SYF storesMantaMall Del Pacífico
SYF storesAmbatoEl Paseo Shopping Ambato
SYF storesIbarraLa Plaza Shopping
SYF storesPortoviejoEl paseo Shopping Portoviejo
SYF storesBabahoyoEl paseo Shopping Babahoyo
Ecuanatu storesQuitoQuicentro Shopping Norte
Ecuanatu storesQuitoQuicentro Shopping Sur
Ecuanatu storesQuitoSan Luis Shopping
Ecuanatu storesQuitoVilla Cumbayá

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