8 New Year’s Resolution Ideas For You to Stay on Top of Your Health


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2020 became an interesting year for everyone all around the world. We became distant from our loved ones, we turned our homes into offices and classrooms, our whole schedule was changed and we learned to do new things that we never had time for before. Most importantly we better understand the importance of both mental and physical wellbeing. These changes have opened a new chapter in our lives and they will shape our New Year’s resolutions. We as Vivoo have gathered 8 New Years Resolution ideas to welcome the new year, enhance your overall wellbeing, and have a healthy year.

1. Cook at home

Cook at home for a healthy year

This year we tried new things that normally we wouldn’t have the time or energy for, one of them is cooking new recipes. Normally we would order, reheat something precooked or make the easiest recipes for ourselves. This year with plenty of newfound time for ourselves, we were motivated to try out the dishes that we had seen online or on a TV show. Next year try to cook new, delicious, and healthy recipes for yourself at least once a week. This way you will feel more confident while cooking and use healthier ingredients in your meal. Here is Deliciously Ella app for plant-based recipes that will satisfy your appetite and curiosity. 

2. Read books/Listen to audiobooks

Read book

Many of us got into the habit of reading while we have been stuck at home. As we have plenty of time to ourselves we can feed our imagination by reading books from various genres. This way we will step into someone else’s shoes, inform ourselves further on known topics, or even find a new subject of interest. If you are having a hard time concentrating on reading a book you can listen to audiobooks while commuting, doing chores, or even jogging. You can try an audible app where you can access books on various topics. 

3. Do yoga

Do yoga for a healthy year

Doing yoga has been one of the most popular New Year’s Resolution for several years, so why not give it a try it out and commit to doing so for the new year? If you are new to yoga you can follow a yoga video channel or practice yoga with a friend or online to encourage yourself. We can guarantee that you will feel mentally and physically powerful after regular yoga practice. Here is a gift idea for yourself and your yoga friend, that will bring you closer to yoga and a healthy year.

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4. Increase your water consumption

Increase your water consumption

The number one health advice of the year is to, drink more water. There are plenty of benefits of drinking water, for example, your energy level will go up, your brain will work better, your gut health and kidney health enhances and it facilitates weight loss. To start off right this year, increase the amount of water you consume, and why not try adding fresh peppermint, cucumber, or lemon to your water for a different taste? 

5. Meditate

meditate for a healthy year

Mindfulness becomes more important as we lose ourselves in this fast-paced life of modernity. It is the most effective way to feed our spirit and turn to ourselves. That’s why meditation is a new habit to add to our healthy year plan. There are plenty of proven benefits of meditation such as; sharpening attention, reducing stress, and improving relation quality. You can start meditation with a Meditopia app that will facilitate your adjusting process to mindfulness. You can listen to personalized meditation or guided meditations and start this year off with more awareness and vitality.

6. Sleep well

Sleep well for a healthy year

Sleep is one of the major sources of fuel for your body. You will become more productive, physically energetic, reduce weight gain heart disease risk, and prevent depression. That’s why you need to get enough sleep to sustain your physical and mental wellbeing. You can get help from the Sleep cycle app. It tracks your sleep cycle and wakes you up in your lightest sleep. This way you will wake up easier and get your sleep better.

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7. Declutter

Keeping too much stuff in your living space, in wardrobes and cabinets can be an extra and unnecessary load for you. So this year, as a new year’s resolution start decluttering. Keep your house tidy and get rid of the clothes, kitchenware, and home objects that are no longer essential and contribute to the clutter. You can donate to a charity and maybe bring good to both yourself and your community. 

8. Reduce your phone usage

Reduce screen time

Social media and applications may facilitate our lives but sometimes we lose track of time and don’t have enough time to spend with our loved ones. That’s why you may try to limit your phone usage this year for a healthier way of living. Use social media to your advantage by adding a time tracker or set the alarm on your phone for time away from technology.

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