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How to Slow Down Period Flow with Home Remedies?


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Most women have a menstrual cycle once a month for more than half of their lifetimes. As a result, it is one of the most prevalent shared experiences on the planet! However, each menstrual cycle is unique.

Some women may experience longer periods due to some illnesses. Someone with anemia for instance may experience heavier periods. Heavier blood loss may result in lower blood levels in the body, limiting the quantity of oxygen available to the brain and other regions of the body, reducing a woman’s productivity.

If you do not have such an illness and have consulted your doctor about it you might want to try some home remedies to help you soothe your heavy flow symptoms. Here are 6 nutritional based tips to help you. 

slow down period flow

6 Natural Ways To Slow Down Period Flow

 While it is best to see a doctor, you may try several home remedies to halt lengthy periods. Here are some pointers that could be useful:

Increase Your Vitamin C Consumption

Vitamin C may help to reduce heavy periods naturally. This is due to the fact that vitamin C actively promotes iron absorption in the body. You may ask your doctor for a vitamin C supplement if you are going through vitamin C deficiency and cannot meet your daily requirements via food alone. There are several items that may be added to your diet to improve your vitamin C intake.

The Vivoo at-home urine test is the perfect way to see whether you need to increase your vitamin C consumption. Get real-time data of your vitamin C levels within 90 seconds and there are no blood tests! Our registered dietitians and nutrititions will give you personalized advices on how to increase your vitamin and mineral levels.

Shepherd’s Purse

Shepherd’s purse, a mustard-family flowering plant, is a popular home treatment for heavy menstrual flow. In fact, it is claimed to be beneficial for many types of bleeding, including nosebleeds and postpartum hemorrhage. Simply combine a teaspoon of shepherd’s purse with hot water and drink 3-4 cups every day.


You may be thinking about what to eat while on period. We have an easy and delicious answer! It is a tried and effective method of controlling excessive bleeding. Molassesare high in iron and contribute in the formation of red blood cells. (3) They also control the quantity of blood lost during menstruation. Add 2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses to a cup of warm water or milk to create them. Once a day, stir it and drink it. Use this no more than once each day. Every night, drink this best before going to bed.

Raspberry Leaves

People suffering from the excessive flow may benefit from red raspberry leaves. They include tannins, which help to strengthen the uterine muscles. They also aid in the relief of stomach discomfort. Add a teaspoon of dried red raspberry leaves to a cup of boiling water to prepare them. Strain the tea and consume it twice a day. If desired, add a few drops of honey to the mixture.


Tamarind may aid with blood circulation regulation. As a result, it is an excellent home treatment for high blood flow. Furthermore, tamarind is abundant in antioxidants, which aid in the reduction of excessive cholesterol and severe bleeding. As a natural treatment, mix honey, tamarind, and water. Blend the ingredients in a blender and consume once a day.


Magnesium is a mineral that helps regulate 600+ enzyme systems in your body. One important role of magnesium is helping with protein synthesis, nerve function and blood sugar control as well as anxiety or insomnia to name just some! A 2010 study found supplementing vitamin B6 could help ease PMS symptoms including depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Magnesium is an essential mineral for the body’s systems to work properly. Also, magnesium can help your menstrual cramps due its role in dopamine synthesis, mood swings and anxiety caused by a lack of balance between brain magnesium levels–which are reduced during luteal phases (the period just before menstruation). Some evidence shows that supplementing your diet may reduce these effects!

If you want to know your magnesium levels, you van try Vivoo at-home tests. See your magnesium levels regularly and get personalized advice from our expert dietitians and nutritionists on how to raise your low levels of magnesium.


Other Tips for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Aside from home cures and therapies to prevent lengthy periods, you may wish to make your period more comfortable. These suggestions can assist you in making your periods more manageable:

Menstrual Cups are little silicone cups that are inserted into the vagina. It will capture all of the blood that flows from the uterus. It has the capacity to contain more blood than a pad or tampon. Furthermore, since you don’t feel anything inside, it might be incredibly comfy. It is also reusable and environmentally beneficial. It must be washed in between usage.

Period panties are used to protect tampons or periods from leakage. They may even be worn without a pad or tampon. They are also more pleasant than period pads and tampons.

Avoid strenuous activity or work immediately after such home treatments. During these times, get plenty of rest. To keep your skin moisturized, drink lots of water and avoid alcohol dehydration. Also, try to avoid using over-the-counter drugs while using these natural solutions for heavy menstrual bleeding. If the problem continues for an extended period, get medical attention immediately. 

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