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10 Ways to Keep Your Bladder Healthy


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Do you have any issues with peeing or using the bathroom? Urinary defects are quite common. You can overcome potential problems by taking some precautions. 

Having optimal health in your urinary tract:

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Your urinary tract, which consists of the bladder, ureters, and urethra is responsible for transporting your urine from your kidneys and storing it in your body until it is time for it to be passed out.

Keeping your urinary tract functional largely depends on your lifestyle. Here are some ways to create a positive change in your lifestyle and keep your bladder functional, healthy, and free of any leaks.

Cut Down on Alcohol and Caffeine

It’s widely known that alcohol and caffeinated drinks result in the loss of fluids in your body. Limiting your intake of alcohol and caffeinated drinks will be better for the health of your bladder, as they may be a reason for your bladder problems.

Alcohol and caffeine can also irritate the walls of your bladder, so it’s best that you avoid them completely to avoid any complications.

Artificial Sweeteners Are A No-No

bladder tracking at home

Artificial sweeteners like acesulfame K and aspartame may cause bladder irritation, just like alcohol and caffeinated drinks. To improve the condition of your bladder, avoid drinks and beverages that contain sugar substitutes like the ones mentioned above.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Muscles with Kegel Exercises

Workout sessions aren’t just for fitness. The bladder could also use them to stay healthy. If you suffer from any bladder control problems (especially if you are a woman), indulging in regular Kegel exercises can help alleviate, and even treat any potential problems. 

Hygiene Is Everything

The bladder holds your urine, which at the end of the day, is waste from your body.  It is, therefore, necessary to empty it at least every 3-4 hours. Urine that accumulates in your body can multiply the bacteria in your bladder, which can increase the risk that you might come down with any issues in your urinary tract. Never leave the restroom with “some liquid left in the pouch,” and ensure that it is totally empty.

Drink Water, Flush It Clean

Drink enough fluids, especially water. This will ensure that your urinary tract stays clean. Frequently urinating helps flush out bacteria that could have caused a problem in the bladder.

drink water

Eat Foods that Are Good for The Bladder

While it is essential to cut down your intake of some processed foods to have a healthy bladder, it is even more important to eat foods that will soothe it. Here are some natural foods that will keep your bladder happy.

  • Bananas
  • Green beans
  • Winter squash
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts (almonds, cashew, peanuts, and the like)
  • Eggs

These foods are highly nutritious and most of them contain fiber, which is instrumental for digestion. Keeping the digestive system at its optimum can help keep your bladder healthy. 

Dress in A Bladder-Friendly Way

The bladder’s health is also determined by the way you dress. Wearing loose clothes can help air the area of your urethra and keep it dry. If you are suffering from any bladder complications (especially if you are a woman), make sure that you always wear cotton or loose-fitting underwear to ease these complications.

Pee When You Feel The Urge to Go

Holding urine in your body longer than necessary both increases the risk of developing a health problem due to the multiplication of bacteria and weakens the bladder muscles. Regularly and forcefully holding urine in when your bladder is full could eventually result in leaks. It is important to pee immediately the moment you have to go. 

dressing for bladder

Wipe from Front to Back

If you are a woman, it’s important to wipe from front to back after using the toilet. This is because there are some bacteria in the anus that shouldn’t get into the urethra

If you wipe from back to front, the chances of bacteria entering the urethra are high, and it could develop into a health problem. Next time you use the toilet, wipe from front to back.

Pee After Intercourse

Go pee after you have had sex. Urinating ensures that the bacteria that might have entered the urethra during intercourse is flushed out, saving you from further bladder complications. 

These are some ways to maintain a healthy bladder. All of these are simply making small adjustments in your daily habits and lifestyle. Though urinary tract issues are more likely to affect women, they also affect men, with most affecting the bladder or urethra.

Make regular checks on your hygiene, diet habits, and other lifestyle choices to improve the overall health of your urinary tract.

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