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@David L1999
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App makes it easy to monitor overall wellness with some high level health indicators using your urine. Takes only a few minutes to receive interpreted data and diet tips to improve. Great tool to include as part of your regular wellness routine!
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It’s difficult to know what our bodies need sometimes but this product tells us exactly what it needs. It is easy to use and I love the convenience of getting results from the comfort of my own home and phone. Definitely recommend to everyone to help them create healthier habits.
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Vivoo is such a great little tool for when I want to find out what my body exactly needs. It gives me advice based on my personal needs on what I should be doing to improve my overall health. I definitely recommend Vivoo!
“I love using Vivoo urine tests because it helps me make better daily dietary choices. I also use them to improve my hydration, salt, mineral, and vitamin intake. All from the comfort of my home!”
Dr. James DiNicolantonio
“Heck yes it is! Starting your week off with a Vivoo stick is the most amazing way to start the day & week, it tells you exactly what you need to do to get yourself feeling good. And she is SO right! Being able to pee on a stick and have it tell you everything you need to do to help reset the equilibrium in your body is freaking incredible! I love having that tool in my life! 💙”
Cait Adams
“Wow, we live in the future! That is awesome”
Jane Clifford
“I love this product. Introduced my whole family to it and now we are having a competition to see who can score 10/10 for everything first! I like how it gives suggestions on things like what you can eat to improve your pH levels 👍 Good value and easy to use. Great app.”
Laurie Carrie
"As a crossfitter and a male in his late 20's I have a passion for maintaining a healthy, functionally fit body. I use Vivoo because it is an easy way to track and manage the metrics I can't track from the outside, such as how well my body is responding to my high-protein and sometimes restrictive diet. Its been such a wonderful tool, with great information and advice to continually improve your overall wellness. Personally, I am hooked. I highly recommend this product!"
Kundayi Mugabe

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