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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50


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Valentine’s Day is the best time to show your love without using any words. All you need is something unique to express your love. Moreover, the challenge here is finding the gift that has both with thoughtfulness and functionality. Here are some ideas for the very special people in your life.

1- Fondue for Two ($30)

We all like to have a little conversation starter for a romantic night at home. This ceramic fondue set will warm your hearts in minutes. What are you waiting for? Say cheese! 




2- Avocado Tree Sprouter – Set of 2 ($34)

What is your favorite tree? Ours is an avocado tree, and we found the easiest way to sprout our little guy. Give your avo-loving friend a chance to grow their own so they can include avocados in their nutritious meals. 


3- Omytea Porcelain Tea Set ($24.99)

An excellent way to turn up the heat between you and your loved one with this handmade vintage-style Japanese tea set is perfect for spending quality time with them. Warm your taste buds and your hearts with this amazing tea set.



4- Vivoo ($39)   

This Valentine’s season, fall in love with wellness. Here is how you do it! Spread the love by gifting Vivoo, the urine strip that provides personalized wellness tips based on the body’s unique needs. Now you and your loved one can build a better lifestyle. After all, the couple that Vivoos together stays together!

5- Mindful Relationship Habits ($12.59)

A challenging part of any relationship is keeping the spark alive. This book will allow you and your partner to grow a deeper connection, nurture closeness, and enhance intimacy.  






6- Dairy-Free DIY Cheese Kit ($50)

This vegan and paleo-friendly cheese kit can revolutionize your loved one’s dietary preferences. Let them make their own dairy-free cheese and be proud of it.  




7- Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses – Set of 4 ($28)

Want your loved one to be the coolest person at the party? Gift them these unique glasses and make everyone at the party turn around and look again. 

8- Love Language: The Card Game ($17.95)

If you and your loved one are struggling with love language, this is the perfect gift for both of you. In every stage of a relationship, people need a fun way to bring themselves closer together.

9- Vosges Wellness Chocolate Bar Library ($45)

Aren’t you bored with ordinary chocolate boxes on Valentine’s Day? This curated collection of wellness chocolate bars will take your loved one on an exotic journey. Excite their taste buds this Valentine’s. 

10- One Pan, Two Plates ($18.30)

Are you tired of making the same old boring recipes on your date nights? Gift this book and experience different spices, textures, and recipes in each and every meal. 


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