6 Vitamin C Boosting Smoothies


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Easy to Make Vitamin-C BOMB Smoothies

A Vitamin-C bomb smoothie is not one of the best, but the VERY best ways to increase your daily dose of Vitamin C. These smoothies will taste great, but they won’t have that nasty aftertaste you get from taking supplements. You will surely thank yourself for making one by the end of the day. 

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Vitamin-C BOMB Smoothies

 Here are some of the best Vitamin-C bomb smoothies for you to try:

Orange Smoothie

Let us start with a very simple yet divine smoothie. Orange is considered the quintessential fruit when we talk about vitamin C. A smoothie made from oranges will surely be one that can help you get the daily dose of vitamin C.


  •   Ice
  •   Fresh oranges (peeled and sliced)
  •   Almond milk
  •   Vanilla extract

Toss in all the ingredients into the blender, blend until the consistency is good for you, and ENJOY! 

Mixed Berry Smoothie

berry smoothie for vitamin C

A mixed berry smoothie is not just delicious and nutritious but also very beautiful. The color that you get from combining different types of berries is just so appealing to the eye. 

Berries are one of the top fruits that give plenty of vitamin C per serving. By combining all sorts of berries, you also combine the nutrition value that you get from each.


  •   Ice
  •   Strawberries
  •   Blueberries
  •   Raspberries
  •   Yogurt (there are some vegan Yogurt)
  •   Mint

Toss all the ingredients except the mint into the blender and blend it; pour the smoothie into a glass, put some mint on top of the glass to make it more beautiful, or stir some into your smoothie to add a hint of minty-cool flavor. If you have some berries left, you can also put them on top of your smoothie.  Bon a petite! 

Tropical Smoothie with Mango and Oranges

This smoothie uses oranges, which are packed with Vitamin C, in addition to another great Vitamin C source- mango! 


  •   Ice
  •   Ripe mango (cubed)
  •   Oranges (peeled and sliced)
  •   Banana (sliced)
  •   Yogurt
  •   Honey

Toss in all the ingredients into the blender, blend well, and ENJOY. 

Pink Smoothie with Apples and Strawberries

Apple is a nutrient-rich fruit. Mix some in with any vitamin-C bomb smoothie, and you will get a delicious smoothie with an extra kick of nutrients. 


  •   Ice
  •   Apples (Sliced)
  •   Strawberries
  •   Yogurt or Milk
  •   Vanilla extract

 Mix all the ingredients, blend it, then ENJOY!

Kiwi and Kale Smoothie

Kiwi smoothie for vitamin C
Healthy kiwi smoothie summer recipe

This smoothie might not look that great compared to the rest, but it certainly is another Vitamin-C bomb smoothie. Kiwi is so rich in vitamin C that you only need 1 cup daily to get the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.


  •   Ice
  •   Kiwi  (peeled and sliced)
  •   Kale
  •   Almond milk
  •   Honey
  •   Flaxseed meal

 Toss all the ingredients except the flaxseed into the blender, blend well until desired consistency, pour the smoothie into a glass, and sprinkle some flaxseed meal on top. ENJOY!

Lover’s Smoothie with Strawberries, Pineapple, Banana, and Grapefruit

Strawberries, pineapple, banana, and grapefruit are all rich in vitamin C. Mix them, and what do you get? An ATOMIC Vitamin-C bomb


  •   Ice
  •   Strawberries
  •   Pineapple (chunked)
  •   Banana (sliced)
  •   Grapefruit (sliced)
  •   Coconut milk
  •   Yogurt

Toss in a little bit of the ingredients, and blend until all the ingredients are mixed well. ENJOY! 

SMOOTHIE MAKING TIP: Start by crushing the ice before adding other ingredients for an easier blend.

Final Words

Although making a smoothie might seem quite a bit of a hassle, it is a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin C and doesn’t have to require a lot of prep. It’s cheap, refreshing, and all-natural, good for the body. It also supports hydration and can be a great snack.

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