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How To Take a Vitamin C Test?


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Vitamin C is considered to be one of the most essential vitamins for the human body. It is found in plenty of foods that we consume daily, and we usually get our intake from there. However, for those people that do not have the time to calculate and check whether they have had vitamin C intake during the day, there are always some supplements that you can take. These are considered excellent substitutes and a great addition to everyday life.

Nevertheless, when people deprive themselves of nutrient-dense foods and do not take into consideration their dietary preferences, this might result in vitamin C deficiency. When this happens, your body will experience some of the symptoms coming on more often, and then it might be time to check their vitamin C levels. It is an easy way to check whether your body has been getting enough of this nutrient or not.

Introduction to vitamin C test

Apart from nutrition, there may be other reasons for being deficient in vitamin c such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, overactive thyroid gland, long-lasting diarrhoea, surgery, burns or smoking. 

Vitamin C

Some symptoms like fatigue, loss of weight, joint and muscle pain can show up if you have a vitamin c deficiency. Also some problems may arise relating to skin and hair as well such as coarse skin, bent or coiled hair, bleeding gums, red hair follicles and dry skin that is easily bruised.

If you have been feeling these symptoms, it maybe time to take a vitamin C test. There are two ways you can go about this either via consulting your healthcare provider or by taking an at-home test. 

Once you go to your doctor, if they suspect that you are lacking in vitamin C, they will ask questions about what foods and drinks have been consumed over the past few days. They may also listen for any signs of fatigue or chronic pain while conducting an examination. Later on, they will probably order a blood test to get to the bottom of it. Further tests such as X-rays could be done too to see if there is a thinning of bones. 

The second option is to take an at-home test yourself. You can buy one easily from a pharmacy, retailer or an e-commerce website. There are many brands available on the market so picking the right one for you is key. After you take your test and get a low score despite improving your vitamin c intake, you should consult your healthcare provider. 

Types of vitamin C test strips

There are two types of at-home tests when it comes to getting data on your vitamin C levels:

At-Home Blood Test: This test will require you to prick your finger and get a small sample of blood and mail it to the lab. They then generally email you your results in 1-2 weeks. This method may be hard for some people since they have a hard time collecting their blood or have a phobia of needles. Also, there is a significant waiting period to receive your results. 

Vitamin C Levels

At-Home Urine Test: This method is much more convenient! There are different brands of at-home urine tests out there that measure Vitamin C. Each has different instructions, but it will either ask you to urinate directly on the strip or collect your urine in a cup and dip the strip in. 

Then you will go on to match the color changes to the chart on the box to interpret your results. This process can be tedious since sometimes there is no exact match or you can misread your results. 

But not to worry, this is where Vivoo comes in! Vivoo is a smart at-home urine test, it works alongside an app to interpret your results. You just urinate on the strip and scan to the app, machine learning and image processing technology interprets your results for you leaving no room for error. 

Not only does Vivoo give real-time data on Vitamin C but also 8 other wellness parameters like magnesium, calcium, water, ketones, urine pH, oxidative stress, sodium and proteins. The best part is it gives you actionable nutritional & lifestyle advice to improve your scores. Other traditional urine or blood tests only provide you with your results but no actions to self-improve. The Vivoo App also allows you to buy personalized supplements according to your Vivoo results, so if you are continuously scoring low on vitamin C your custom supplement formula can help here! 

Have you had a vitamin C deficiency test done before? Or do you use Vivoo to check your vitamin C levels? Comment below! 

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