Vivoo Water Box

Vivoo Water Box

Drinking fluids is vital to staying healthy and maintaining the function of each system in your body, including your heart, brain, and muscles. Fluids help carry nutrients to your cells, flush bacteria from your bladder, and prevent constipation.

Body water balance (Hydration) represents the net difference between fluid intake and loss. Large changes in fluid intake are controlled by the kidneys, which can produce more or less urine, depending on changes in body fluid volumes. Dehydration (body water deficiency) takes place when your body loses more fluid than you drink. On the other hand, overhydration (excess of water in the body) takes place when your body takes in more water than it excretes.

Some of the benefits of staying hydrated include:

  • Regulating body temperature
  • Promoting cardiovascular health
  • Helping muscles and joints work better
  • Cleansing the body
  • Helping brain function
  • Maximizing physical performance
  • Helping digestion and absorption

Vivoo’s Water box is designed to assess the user’s hydration status and give comprehensible insights.

It shows how hydrated you are and gives suggestions about:

  • How much water your body needs daily.
  • What can you do to stay hydrated
  • Reaching the optimal hydrated state if you are either dehydrated or overhydrated.
  • How to maintain your body’s electrolyte balance.

How Does Vivoo Assess Hydration From Urine?

Kidneys maintain a healthy fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. Excess water and minerals are excreted from the body via urine. Using urine markers, such as osmolality, specific gravity, or color, is one of the hydration assessment techniques that have reliable, reasonably definable thresholds. 

The urine specific gravity test compares the density of urine to the density of water. Just like urine color, urine specific gravity changes according to your hydration status like dehydration, overhydration, or being in a well-hydrated state. Since urine color can be influenced by different factors like diet, drugs, and infections, analyzing urine specific gravity can give a more precise measurement of the hydration status.

That’s why Vivoo measures urine specific gravity, to acquire information about your hydration status (the body’s water balance). 


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