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Vivoo Wellness Talks: Interview with Beloved Vivooer Jocelyn


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This month on Vivoo Wellness Talks, we are joined by Jocelyn, one of our beloved Vivooers. She is a nutrition counselor and loves to use Vivoo to track her wellness daily from the comfort of her home. She also promotes the product to her clients for them to include Vivoo on their wellness journeys! 

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1. Tell us about yourself and what you do in a few words.

I am a nutrition counselor, personal trainer, and food wizard. I make health attainable by personalizing the back-to-basics approach.

2. How do you feel about your current state of health and wellness?

I’m very happy with it and love to learn from the ups and downs of my own journey.

3. What does a typical day look like for you when it comes to investing in your wellness?

Self-care is key! Water first, then coffee or matcha, a workout, or some movement depending on my schedule.  Food is the fuel for this, so I do a lot of food prep ahead of time to keep me on track.

4. How did you come across Vivoo?

I came across Vivoo on Instagram.

5. How has your Vivoo experience been & how has it contributed to your overall wellness?

It’s such an instant gratification tool in a wellness world that is so saturated.  I love the ease of use and promote it to my clients.

6. What is your favorite thing about the Vivoo App?

It’s so easy to use! You just pee on a stick and get your results in 90 seconds from the comfort of your home!

7. What encourages you to continue on your Vivoo journey?

My personal wellbeing has to be on point, so being able to monitor it frequently with ease is a plus.

8. Would you recommend Vivoo? What’s your biggest advice for your friends looking to start a healthier lifestyle?

Water is key! I love recommending Vivoo to my clients so they too can track their wellness journey from home.

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