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Why Does Weight Fluctuate? What Are The Causes


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You’ve undoubtedly observed that the number on the scale changes a lot from one day to the next when you weigh yourself every morning. Daily weight changes have a variety of causes that aren’t always visible. Perhaps you ate a heavy meal before night and gained weight, or perhaps you completed a highly sweaty exercise and lost weight. Other factors, though, might cause your weight to vary from day to day.

 What causes fluctuating weight?

Weight variations are often times caused by fat loss or fat increase when one is actively exercising to achieve a body goal. There are, however, a slew of additional elements that have an impact on your weight on a daily basis.

There are a variety of reasons why a person’s daily weight fluctuates and the bulk of the changes may be attributed to natural body activities and variations in water weight. If you see a tiny variation from day to day, you generally don’t need to be worried. Most people don’t notice the variations in their weight because they don’t weigh themselves often but having a scale at home allows you to easily keep tabs on your overall weight. Causes of weight fluctuations include:

weight changes

  • Abuse of alcoholic beverages: Because alcohol is a diuretic, if you pee more than normal while drinking, you are likely to lose weight quickly. Your body may also retain fluids from the beverages and meals you take during this period. Many alcoholics eat or overeat salty foods, which causes water retention. As a consequence, gaining weight on the scale after drinking is highly likely.
  • Menstrual cycle: Swelling is common in women right before and during their menstrual cycle due to fluid retention. Fluid retention and weight rise on the first day of menstrual flow and are lowest during the mid-follicular phase before it then progressively rises throughout the eleven days before ovulation.
  • Treatment: Weight fluctuation can be a side effect of certain drugs. Some may lead you to retain water, while others may alter the way your body absorbs and stores glucose, resulting in weight loss. If you use drugs to manage diabetes, high blood pressure, mood problems, seizures, or migraines, you may see changes in your weight. Weight increase is anticipated in certain cases, but it can also point to certain health issues.
  • Exercise: Exercise might lead you to sweat and lose water weight. The typical individual loses between 25 to 45 ounces of fluid per hour when performing cardio exercises. However, depending on the weather and other variables, this value might change significantly. Other forms of exercise, on the other hand, might result in weight swings on a daily basis. For example. weight lifting may cause your muscles to retain water. You generate microscopic rips in your muscles when performing strength training. Your muscles become bigger and stronger as you develop and mend these small tears.
  • The quantity and quality of food: As food is metabolized by your body, it will raise your weight. Food containing a lot of water usually promotes weight increase, and this water weight causes the number of scales to climb dramatically. Furthermore, drinking as little as 2 two glasses of water might add one pound to your weight.
  • Variation in salt and sugar consumption: High salt diets may promote water retention. Some individuals are more sodium sensitive than others and retain more water. If you’re attempting to cut down on big meals, replacing them with salty foods may result in weight gain, even if the weight increase is mainly water retention. One of the causes of water weight increase might be that you eat too much sugar, which elevates your blood sugar level.
  • Blood circulation: Alteration of appropriate blood circulation is another factor that contributes to weight fluctuation. Our leg veins include valves that help blood flow to the heart, but when blood circulation is weak, blood cannot flow adequately in the lower body, resulting in fluid retention and subsequently weight gain.

weight changes

Is it harmful to your health if your weight fluctuates?

You might be wondering about when you should be concerned about weight fluctuations. The answer to that is as long as the changes are not severe, it shouldn’t be a problem. Fluctuations might be an indicator of a medical condition or merely an increase in body mass if the scale continues to change steadily. Health problems related to weight fluctuations include Cushing syndrome, thyroid issues, sleep apnea, and insulin imbalance.


Weight fluctuation is truly difficult to measure. Your weight can swing throughout the day, depending on what you eat and how active you are. Apart from these daily changes, your weight may vary over the course of the week owing to variables unrelated to weight gain or loss.

Because factors other than a calorie shortfall or excess might cause your weight to change, fluctuations can be particularly bothersome if you’re trying to gain or lose weight, or if you engage in a sport that needs you to weigh in for the competition. Even a slight rise in weight can cause demoralization. The best time to weigh yourself is in the morning, and you should weigh yourself in a light dress to get an accurate estimate of your weight. With the Vivoo app, you can watch your salt and water intake by measuring how much you excrete in your urine. This gives you an idea of your level of water retention.

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