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About Vivoo

Time to take the wheel on your wellness journey.

Vivoo strives to create a world in which people feel empowered to take control of their wellness, understand the needs of their bodies, and achieve well-being by utilizing innovative and scientific products that support wellness practices.

Our Values

Our values shape everything we do. They’re not just words written to fill a website space or hang on a wall – but lived and breathed every day by every member of Vivoo. 

Live our mission.

Every decision we make, we keep our mission in mind. It’s our North Star; it helps guide and influence our direction. We only ever do – or advocate for – something if it advances the purpose of helping people live better lives. It’s as simple as that.

Every action for good.

At every turn, goodness is our guide, especially when it comes to our impact on the Earth. We are always looking for opportunities to maximize sustainability and minimize damage to the environment – from the way we run our business to the packaging that lands in our customers’ hands.

Science as our beacon.

Some things are best left to experts. That’s why we’ve partnered with qualified doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists – so we can all do what we each do best. We build the necessary technology; they provide deep, technical expertise knowledge. The result? A win-win solution for all, including our customers!

Equal opportunities for all.

At Vivoo, we are committed to creating a culture rooted in inclusivity – and equality. Our dedication to eliminating the gender gap sees us doing everything possible to empower and support women’s professional development: training sessions, workshops, and more. Because everyone is capable of bringing value to the table.

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