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What is Vivoo Urine Test?

Vivoo urine test is an at-home urine test with an wellness app! You can check your body’s wellness based on 9 parameters in 90 seconds, and get actionable advice prepared by dietitians and nutritionists.


Why Track Wellness Parameters?

All the following content has been developed by our wellness team.

Importance of Water for Health

Hydration is crucial for maintaining proper bodily functions and overall health. Dehydration can lead to negative health effects, while optimal hydration comes with numerous benefits, including:


Better physical and mental performance


Improved concentration and focus


Healthier digestion and metabolism


Better skin and complexion


Improved mood and reduced anxiety


Easier weight management and appetite control


Better immune system function

Checking Hydration Levels with Vivoo

    Vivoo is a useful tool that instantly measures the specific gravity level of your urine to assess your hydration status and provide you with valuable feedback. With Vivoo, you can learn:

  • Your level of hydration
  • How much water you need to drink throughout the day
  • How your hydration status affects your health and wellness

The value of your urine specific gravity can be interpreted as follows:

<1.005: Overhydration

1.005 – 1.015: Optimal Hydration

1.020: Dehydration


How to Use?


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Urinate On The Strip


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Wait for 90 seconds & scan the strip


Receive Your Result & Advice


Testing urine at home offers a level of privacy and convenience that is unmatched. Get a quick snapshot of your nutrient levels and feel good knowing that you're taking care of yourself.

Why Vivoo?

Personalized and Easy to Use

Personalized and Easy to Use

Vivoo takes data on your body and transforms it into your ultimate wellness guide! Our mission is to empower and educate, equipping you with personalized, easy-to-use products that supercharge your wellness, all from the comfort of your home. Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to a better you!

Connect. Analyze. Improve.

Connect. Analyze. Improve.

Connecting the Vivoo App with your Health Access allows you to track your sleep, heart and physical activity all in one place. Vivoo analyzes your data so that you can learn how to improve your body!

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Empower Yourself

Empower Yourself

Get the lowdown on your body’s nutritional needs based on your urine analysis! Get your full report and compare your test results over time to get insight into where you need to focus to empower your body and wellness.

Personal Advice Reminders

Personal Advice Reminders

Set your advice reminder so that you can keep up with the advice you get based on your test results and make improvements in your wellness before you test again! If the advice doesn’t suit your specific needs, then don’t worry, you can always switch it up and make it more personalized over time.


  • What is Vivoo?

    Vivoo is a convenient at-home urine test paired with a mobile app. It quickly checks 9 parameters related to your body's wellness and provides personalized advice to enhance your overall well-being in 90 seconds!

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