How to Not Gain Weight During the Coronavirus Lockdown

How to Not Gain Weight During the Coronavirus Lockdown

In a time of uncertainty, we are directed to stock up on food, cleaning supplies, and other long term provisions. This is normal in times like these, but it is not healthy to make this a long term habit. The entire world is at home… We need to pay attention to some things to maintain […]

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How Do We Protect Our Mental Health While the Pandemic Continues?

The year 2020 had a very hard beginning. The global climate crisis, environmental disasters, wars, earthquakes and the stress caused by the coronavirus have affected us all. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has serious psychological effects on society because it spreads very quickly and it is possible for it to result in death. The stress of the virus […]

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong

Since December, we have been worried about the coronavirus, which has shown its effect all over the world. While we are living with this concern, we should take precautions to protect our health. Antibiotics are not curative for viral infections. Antiviral drugs help prevent the multiplication of the viruses in the body and reduce the […]

National Nutrition Month: Steps to Building a Strong Relationship with Food

Nutrition nowadays has gotten more complicated. Most of us rely on experts, diet books, media accounts, the latest findings in nutritional science, government advisories, and food pyramids to tell us how and what to eat. But we still can’t seem to implement this advice in our lives. The way we eat has changed across time. […]